Love & Mercy

I’ve just seen the new Brian Wilson biopic Love and Mercy and it was a triumph in every sense of the word. A triumph of filmmaking, of acting performance, of written drama. Most importantly, a triumph of the spirit and music of Brian Wilson. Being a songwriter is hard. Most days it feels like the entire world is actively trying to stop you from making great music with endless distractions, petty arguments, and shortsightedness. Everyone wants you to be practical and reasonable. But art isn’t practical and it isn’t reasonable. This is why so many creatives struggle to get along with those around them. Their values and perspectives of life are fundamentally different. Brian Wilson faced all of these usual creative problems – and then he faced things unimaginably more difficult.


Throughout his life, Brian was tortured by anxiety and schizophrenia. He was beaten and exploited by his father. He battled drug addiction and spent 3 years in bed. He fought endlessly with his bandmates on musical direction. His record company tried to kill his creativity, demanding formulaic hits. Worst of all, he suffered decades of manipulative abuse from his therapist Dr. Eugene Landy.


Out of this hell came the most beautiful pop music ever written. That Brian Wilson crafted these songs in the midst of his pain brings me to tears. I could barely keep it together as I watched him direct the band on ‘Good Vibrations’. That song is a miracle and I thank god I lived to hear it.


The emergence of Pet Sounds from the tragedy of Brian’s life parallel many human events where beauty is born from horror. The Christmas Truce soccer match played during WWI comes to mind. In any dark period, love and joy find ways to express themselves. They often come in the gift of art.


The Beach Boys’ music has always been about effortless joy. Their songs are waves of happiness that overcome you, obliterating thought and returning you to childhood. They are antidotes to the illnesses we will suffer in our lives. You see a playful joy in Wilson’s spirit. John Cusack and Paul Dano both understood that Brian has always been a young boy with a sense of adventure, and they bring it to screen with his many quirks and charms.


I want everyone to see this film, because it’s about so much more than music. If people understood it, I think most would focus their energy on pursuits that spoke to their heart.  

The only thing I ever wanted to do in life was make beautiful things that people can enjoy. This film gives me the courage to keep doing that.


To the human being reading this, please go watch Love and Mercy. Please keep creating. Please keep pushing yourself beyond your boundaries. Please keep that childlike wonder. Please ignore your critics. Please believe in the ideas you dream up at 4am when you’re high on the night.

We may never create works as great as Pet Sounds, but our creative pursuit is equally as magical. And the understanding that some of us will indeed create works just as great is worth the struggle. It is worth our lives. 

The Blood Red Boots Cocktail

I'm proud of many things our band has done, but producing our very own cocktail is right at the top of the list. We debuted the 'Blood Red Boots' at our release show last Friday, and the drink reviews were stellar. I'm also happy to say that this drink was enjoyed by both men and women. Yes indeed, we're bringing people together. Through alcohol. 

Blood Red Boots Recipe: 

Ingredients:  2oz Hendrick's Gin, 0.75oz Lime Juice, 2oz Ginger Ale, Dash of Maraschino Cherry Juice, Dash of Angostura Bitters, Cherry Garnish, Mint Garnish

Instructions:  Muddle 4 to 5 mint leaves and 1 maraschino cherry in a cocktail shaker. Add 2oz of gin (Ideally Hendrick's Gin). Add 0.75oz of lime juice. Add a handful of ice to the shaker. Shake violently. Strain drink over ice into a lowball/rocks glass. Add 2oz of Ginger ale. Add dash of maraschino cherry juice and a dash of bitters. Garnish with maraschino cherries and mint leaves. 

With Love, 






Holiday Show @ Beat Kitchen Chicago

Friends & Lovers,

We're very pleased to announce our holiday show at the Beat Kitchen in Chicago. This will be our last show of 2013 and we're pulling out all the stops for you. We've also got Carbon Tigers and The Van Goghs on the bill. Both excellent bands.

Come drink and be merry with us!

Keith, Eric, William, Cyrus


The Details:

Friday, December 13th — 10pm

Beat Kitchen - 2100 W. Belmont, Chicago IL

Buy Tickets —

The Beginning of Blood Red Boots...

A lot of people ask me how Blood Red Boots started. Usually, it's at a show or press interview. I give them the cliff notes version of how our band grew: singer moves back from Los Angeles, calls friend / keyboardist Eric Hays and they begin finishing demo recordings etc. That's all true, but it was never a complete answer. And I never dove into WHY I started the band. I've always found the why to be so much more interesting than the how.

At 21, I was living in paradise, writing for an up-and-coming Pop band, and attending some incredible parties. I was also completely miserable. It's such a tired cliche to trash Hollywood, but the environment just depressed the hell out of me. I'd spend a lot of time alone, just wandering around. I was just hoping to find someone I could relate to, but I never did.

When I wrote songs, my heart wasn't in it. Everything I finished just felt hollow or unoriginal. And it's because it wasn't me. I can't write songs I don't believe in. 

I remember the day I dreamt up the band. I'd been battling a terrible flu for a week and lied in my bed for hours. One afternoon, I heard something in my head — chords for what would eventually become our song Hottest. I literally leapt out of bed in excitement, and paced around the room with my ideas. I knew I had to start a band. A band that made me feel every word, every note. 

There were 3 rules for this new project — the songs would be intense, the songs would be sexy, and the songs would be raw.  I chose these rules because it's the kind of music I wanted to hear, as a fan. At the time, I needed to feel alive. So I created songs that gave me this feeling. And that's the approach I've taken ever since. I write the songs that I need

The name Blood Red Boots was born out of my new rules for songwriting. I was at a restaurant with my girlfriend and the words just popped in my head. "Blood. Red. Boots." I said the name aloud and I knew that was it. It just perfectly captured everything I wanted this band to be — bold, sexual, stylish, fun. The name guided me as I moved forward, like a blueprint for the music. 

I can tell you now, these have been the happiest years of my life. And it's because I'm finally making music that speaks to me. And in turn, that music speaks to you. As this band has grown, it's no longer about me. It's about us. We enjoy these songs together and we all find something to love in them. And I think it's because we live our lives in a similar way.

In the end, Blood Red Boots is about being real, flaws and all. I write songs about drinking with my friends, falling hopelessly in love, lusting over strangers, nights in the city, heartbreak, being selfish, being stupid, AND ABOVE ALL enjoying every second on this Earth. I write this because it's my life and I make no apologies for it. 

So as you listen to the music, know that these songs are very real to me and to the band. Just as I hope they're real to you. 

-Keith Patrick

My original notes while writing and recording 'Hottest'.

House of Blues Free Show

We just got offered an absolutely amazing opportunity to open for Smallpools at House of Blues in mid September. This show is a particularly huge opportunity for us for 3 reasons:


1. Q87.7 - The show is hosted by Q87.7, and we know for a fact that a bunch of their DJS are going to be at the show and watching the entire time!

2. Major acts- Opening for a band as big as Smallpools and having such good other bands on the bill (Super Happy Fun Club and us of course) means we can bring a ton of people out to this show. It's going to have a ton of energy and be super fun to play because of this and we also stand to have a lot of people who don't know us see our band up close and personal. 

3. Free tickets - this is huge for us. We love our fans so so much and last time we played House of Blues, many of our most committed fans couldn't come because of the high cost of seeing Kill Hannah's big Christmas show (we did however make a ton of new fans who have been great to us since that show and we know for a fact are very excited to see us again at HoB.) With these free tickets, every single one of our favorite people can be at this show.


Why this is so huge - a simple formula. 

Free tickets -> all of our fans can come to the show

Major acts -> Huge crowds

Our fans + Huge crowds = Super high energy set

= Q87.7 DJs and huge crowd of people who have never seen us super impressed


So in short, grab your free ticket(s) because you having a great time on Monday may very well get your favorite band on one of the best radio stations in the area. 


Free House of Blues Tickets!

Free House of Blues Tickets!