House of Blues Free Show

We just got offered an absolutely amazing opportunity to open for Smallpools at House of Blues in mid September. This show is a particularly huge opportunity for us for 3 reasons:


1. Q87.7 - The show is hosted by Q87.7, and we know for a fact that a bunch of their DJS are going to be at the show and watching the entire time!

2. Major acts- Opening for a band as big as Smallpools and having such good other bands on the bill (Super Happy Fun Club and us of course) means we can bring a ton of people out to this show. It's going to have a ton of energy and be super fun to play because of this and we also stand to have a lot of people who don't know us see our band up close and personal. 

3. Free tickets - this is huge for us. We love our fans so so much and last time we played House of Blues, many of our most committed fans couldn't come because of the high cost of seeing Kill Hannah's big Christmas show (we did however make a ton of new fans who have been great to us since that show and we know for a fact are very excited to see us again at HoB.) With these free tickets, every single one of our favorite people can be at this show.


Why this is so huge - a simple formula. 

Free tickets -> all of our fans can come to the show

Major acts -> Huge crowds

Our fans + Huge crowds = Super high energy set

= Q87.7 DJs and huge crowd of people who have never seen us super impressed


So in short, grab your free ticket(s) because you having a great time on Monday may very well get your favorite band on one of the best radio stations in the area. 


Free House of Blues Tickets!

Free House of Blues Tickets!