The Beginning of Blood Red Boots...

A lot of people ask me how Blood Red Boots started. Usually, it's at a show or press interview. I give them the cliff notes version of how our band grew: singer moves back from Los Angeles, calls friend / keyboardist Eric Hays and they begin finishing demo recordings etc. That's all true, but it was never a complete answer. And I never dove into WHY I started the band. I've always found the why to be so much more interesting than the how.

At 21, I was living in paradise, writing for an up-and-coming Pop band, and attending some incredible parties. I was also completely miserable. It's such a tired cliche to trash Hollywood, but the environment just depressed the hell out of me. I'd spend a lot of time alone, just wandering around. I was just hoping to find someone I could relate to, but I never did.

When I wrote songs, my heart wasn't in it. Everything I finished just felt hollow or unoriginal. And it's because it wasn't me. I can't write songs I don't believe in. 

I remember the day I dreamt up the band. I'd been battling a terrible flu for a week and lied in my bed for hours. One afternoon, I heard something in my head — chords for what would eventually become our song Hottest. I literally leapt out of bed in excitement, and paced around the room with my ideas. I knew I had to start a band. A band that made me feel every word, every note. 

There were 3 rules for this new project — the songs would be intense, the songs would be sexy, and the songs would be raw.  I chose these rules because it's the kind of music I wanted to hear, as a fan. At the time, I needed to feel alive. So I created songs that gave me this feeling. And that's the approach I've taken ever since. I write the songs that I need

The name Blood Red Boots was born out of my new rules for songwriting. I was at a restaurant with my girlfriend and the words just popped in my head. "Blood. Red. Boots." I said the name aloud and I knew that was it. It just perfectly captured everything I wanted this band to be — bold, sexual, stylish, fun. The name guided me as I moved forward, like a blueprint for the music. 

I can tell you now, these have been the happiest years of my life. And it's because I'm finally making music that speaks to me. And in turn, that music speaks to you. As this band has grown, it's no longer about me. It's about us. We enjoy these songs together and we all find something to love in them. And I think it's because we live our lives in a similar way.

In the end, Blood Red Boots is about being real, flaws and all. I write songs about drinking with my friends, falling hopelessly in love, lusting over strangers, nights in the city, heartbreak, being selfish, being stupid, AND ABOVE ALL enjoying every second on this Earth. I write this because it's my life and I make no apologies for it. 

So as you listen to the music, know that these songs are very real to me and to the band. Just as I hope they're real to you. 

-Keith Patrick

My original notes while writing and recording 'Hottest'.